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Highland warrior found alongside five decapitated skulls in a mystery grave gets his face recreated. Grisly 15th century grave in the Scottish Highlands (right) containing two skeletons but six skulls is finally revealing its secrets as archaeologists have reconstructed the face of one of the skulls (left). Liverpool news Jurgen Klopp wants a Barcelona atmosphere against Red Bull Salzburg. This is the first time Liverpool have played a European home game since their comeback last season, when they overturned a 3-0 first-leg deficit in what many regard as Anfield's greatest night. How Many Steps Should You Take a Day? Fitness trackers have bolstered the case for even light exercise. The persistent mystery, though, is which movements matter most. Australian warplanes weave their way between Brisbane skyscrapers. A C-17A Globemaster cargo plane (pictured) and an F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter plane flew low over the Brisbane skyline to mark the Queensland city's annual Riverfire event. Impeachment Polls Show a Steady Rise in Support. Increasing numbers of Democrats and independents support the inquiry into President Trump, while Republicans are lining up behind him. Fascinating photographs from new book Hidden London Discovering the Forgotten Underground. Fascinating new book Hidden London Discovering the Forgotten Underground claims to be the first narrative of a 'previously secret aspect of London's history'. Here we present images from it. How is the SAT practice essay scored more... What is an analytical research Thomas Cook auditors now under investigation 'made almost 60million in fees over a decade'. EY were paid 7m for two years as auditors for Thomas Cook. They signed off 2018 books despite management writing off ongoing costs as 'exceptional' which inflated declared profit figures. iPad mini Big experience in a small package. Apple's iPad mini is here, but does it offer a big experience in a small package or is this just a useless device for many? I like the form factor and it turns out that the lower resolution display isn't all that bad! For Barcelona, a Valuable Point and a Worrying Sign. Barcelonas dependence on Lionel Messi is its greatest strength. Its continued reliance on him is starting to feel like a weakness. Elon Musk tweets first look at SpaceX's Starship Rocket with fins on ahead of upcoming announcement. In a tweet Musk posted pictures of the Starship Mk1 - one of two prototypes for a spacecraft - with a caption that reads 'Adding the rear moving fins to Starship Mk1 in Boca Chica, Texas.'. Dead Fathers, Feminist Icons and Other Poetic Obsessions. New poetry collections from Hanif Abdurraqib, Maya Phillips, Cyre Jarelle Johnson, Daniel Poppick and Alexandra Teague. North Korea launches ballistic missile a day after agreeing to US talks. North Korea fired a ballistic missile Wednesday from an underwater launch platform, a US official told CNN, a day after Pyongyang and Washington agreed to resume nuclear talks. Hong Kong office workers, schoolmates denounce police shooting of teen. Hong Kong office workers and high-school students turned out in their hundreds under a sweltering midday sun on Wednesday to denounce a policeman for shooting and wounding a teenager during the most violent clashes in nearly four months of unrest. Self-driving trash can knows when its garbage day and takes itself out. Most dread taking out the garbage -- but not this robot. Called SmartCan, this trash can has self-driving abilities to take itself to the curb and bring itself back after the trash has been emptied. How two brothers forever scarred by grief have found joy with a tale of a Yiayia next door. It's a well known jingle from an Australian classic soap opera that has found new meaning in a Melbourne street tinged with tragedy. Looking For a New Way to Live. James Ehrlich, the founder of ReGen Villages, wants to create neighborhoods that will generate their own power and grow their own food.
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