misconceptions about Bitcoin & Blockchain

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1. Bitcoin is not a digital coin or a file that you send from one computer to the other Blockchain Security :
The Bitcoin symbol is just a symbol and quite misleading. Bitcoin is is simply an entry in a distributed ledger. No coin, no file. The term coin is just a metaphor.

2.Your crypto wallet does not hold any bitcoin:
just the public-private key-pair that identifies you as you and grants access to your funds that are recorded on the blockchain (distributed ledger), a record of transactions that lives on multiple copies on a P2P network of computers.
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Three teenage sisters say they acted in self-defence when they stabbed their fatherto deathin his Moscow apartment block. Experts have ruled they were abused by him and suffered 'serious harm'. 'Pea brained' woman charged for trying to hire undercover cop to kill her husband. Jesse Lopez, 40, was already in custody in central Florida in July when she unwittingly asked an undercover cop to kill her husband Daniel in a letter which she signed off 'XOXO'. Banks win dismissal of U.S. lawsuit alleging rigged Mexico bond sales. A U.S. judge on Monday dismissed a proposed class action lawsuit against several large banks for allegedly rigging the market for Mexican government bonds, according to a court filing. S. Africa, Nigeria face attacks on foreigners. South Africa and Nigeria's leaders have sought to mend ties, signing a range of trade and cooperation agreements just weeks after anti-foreigner violence strained relations between the two economic powerhouses. 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She the North Bianca Andreescu Joins the Raptors in Canadian Sports Lore. In one summer, Canada gained its first N.B.A. championship and its first Grand Slam singles title in tennis. Our Boys Casualties of war face the enemy within. Its 1984. In the wake of the Falklands War and against the backdrop of the Troubles, five squaddies and an officer are laid up with injuries at the Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital in Woolwich. Boris Johnson's Jack Russell Dilyn has been getting amorous with Sajid Javid's cavapoo. Dilyn the Jack Russell has to be carried whenever he is joined in the No.10 garden by Mr Javid's beloved crossbreed after a recent incident in which the PM had to pull his frisky terrier off the pooch. In London, a Jewelry Designers Otherworldly Pieces Come to Life. Ana Khouri, known for her sculptural diamond-adorned designs, celebrates two new projects this month. Hong Kong Protests Led a Student to Activism, Then to the Point of a Gun. Tsang Chi-kin, 18, showed no interest in politics until this year. After being shot by the police, he could become a potent symbol of the protests. Video gamer is electrocuted after falling sleep as he played on his phone. Sastra Mo-in, 25, was playing online multiplayer games while in bed in Chonburi, Thailand. His aunt said she found him and his body was purple and the hand next to the plug was covered in burns. RICHARD LITTLEJOHN As activists plan to bring London to a standstill, it's time for a water cannon. RICHARD LITTLEJOHN Scotland Yard is at last introducing specialist units to deal with Extinction Rebellion who are up to their same old tricks and claim it is for the environment. Belfast shipyard that built the Titanic rescued by an AIM-listed firm. Infrastrata has agreed to pay 6m for Harland And Wolff. The Titanic, left, and its sister ship the Olympic, right, are pictured at the shipyard in Northern Ireland in 1912. Watching films can make you age quicker because facial expressions cause wrinkles study claims. Swedish beauty experts believe the faces we pull while watching thrillers or horrors, as well as laughing during comedies, could be contributing to wrinkles on our faces.
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    The Met showcases Islamic art as a response to Trump's Muslim ban. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York leads Islamic art tours to improve understanding of its contributions to the world heritage. Fred Katayama reports. Robert De Niro joined by Keke Palmer at NYC Variety event amid scathing $12M suit from ex-assistant. The Goodfellas star was heard in a profane voicemail message for former employee Chase Robinson that was released Thursday as Robinson filed a $12 million suit. Laws Protected Thomas Cook Travelers. They Dont for North Americans. Consumer-friendly laws in Britain and the European Union protect passengers who purchase tour packages, in ways that many Americans and Canadians find unimaginable. I Love Gwyneth Paltrow. There. I Said It. Shes still among the very last generation of movie actors for whom stardom and skill seem scarily, thrillingly natural.

    Whos Speaking at the U.N. Climate Summit? Several Champions of Coal. Countries that continue to push coal will take the podium Monday at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. Uffizi Director Rejects Vienna Job at Last Minute, Causing an Uproar. Just weeks before he was supposed to start at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the German art historian Eike Schmidt said he wanted to remain in Florence. Robert De Niro joined by Keke Palmer at NYC Variety event amid scathing $12M suit from ex-assistant. The Goodfellas star was heard in a profane voicemail message for former employee Chase Robinson that was released Thursday as Robinson filed a $12 million suit. BP names Bernard Looney as CEO, Dudley to leave in 2020. BP on Friday appointed head of upstream operations Bernard Looney as chief executive to succeed Bob Dudley when he retires next year after leading the oil and gas company back to growth from near collapse in 2010. Ciara Lee reports. Treasury Officials Pressured I.R.S. on Trump Tax Audit, Whistle-Blower Alleges. A complaint is said to allege that political appointees tried to interfere with an audit of the presidents returns. How can I be a talker Can the honeymoon phase last forever How do single moms thrive Man United news Solskjaer says side cannot rest on reputation but backs failing youngsters. CHRIS WHEELER IN HOLLAND Ole Gunnar Solskjaerhas backed his Manchester United team to come good but warned 'We're not in the 90s now.'. American woman, 30, is set to be reunited with her Scottish husband after two-year visa battle. Juli Duffy, 30, married her husband Tony, 30, two years ago but had to return to the US last December to re-apply after her spousal visa application was rejected. The new lending rules that will affect whether you're granted a mortgage. The ANZ bank has revealed that from October 21 it will refuse to lend someone more than nine times their salary before tax. This will restrict where they can buy a house, especially in Sydney. What Its Really Like to Eat Your Way Around the Globe. Our Australia critic went on a whirlwind dining tour for two magazines. Heres what happened. JANET STREET-PORTER Sadly, Boris Johnson's groping isn't an issue for most voters. The trouble with sexual revelations about Boris Johnson is that we don't really care unless they turn out to involve the misuse of public funds, writes JANET STREET-PORTER. Scientists are sprinkling millions of tiny reflective glass beads on glaciers to stop them melting. An innovative new approach developed by a company called Ice911, employs minuscule beads of 'glass' which could be spread across the surface layer of glaciers and reflect the onslaught of sunlight.
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