What will be the Career Options after BDS?

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You can choose either of the six career paths after your BDS.

1- Get an MDS Seat for Further Education:
Almost all good medical colleges prefer mastered holder to train their students. If you are thinking to build your career in any institute or want to join any trainee staff you will be required to be an MDS holder.

2- Become a lecturer or Tutor:
If you have an interest in teaching, you can also become a lecturer. You can check with medical colleges to see if they need a lecturer or not. You can also appear for government hospital enrolment tests and qualify it to become a lecturer at a government hospital.

3- Join Dental Research Team:
If you are one of the curious people and always find yourself interested in new things and technology, you may also look at your career in dental research. The job in this field is always and prestigious and offers a good facilities and pay.

4- Prepare for Most Prestigious Exam of India UPSC:
If you think of yourself as a hardworking person you can go for civil services preparation, an exam conducted by UPSC. It is India’s toughest and most prestigious examination which welcome aspirants from any field having capabilities.

5- Work as a Dentist:
You can join a hospital or a private dental clinic and work as a dentist. Since you have already done BDS, you won’t find it difficult to get a job with any hospital. Though, if you want to get into a government hospital, you’ll have to appear for their recruitment exams and qualify that.

6- Open your own clinic:
You can also open your own clinic if you are not a 9 to 5 work type of guy. There are plenty of options like healthcare finance or various loans for professionals which can help you to secure the required funding for setting up your dental clinic, buy medical equipment, etc.