How Does Marketing Play a Significant Role in Health Care?

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In modern society the successful development of any field of human endeavor is impossible without the effective management. Healthcare Management is an activity aimed at increasing the healthcare efficiency by using a set of principles, methods and means for activating working activity, intelligence and motives of both individual health care providers and the entire team.
The healthcare in the socio-economic relations takes on a special importance and complexity of the situation, because of the objectively existing features of the main subject of medical practice who is an individual. Among these features as a major one that pervades the entire sphere is the uncertainty of the medical career: the uncertainty of the dynamics of human health, the uncertainty of the outcome of medical intervention.
The paramount importance in health care belongs to the problem of the quality of care that is difficult to overestimate, as it relates to health and sometimes to the life of human. In order to solve the problem of quality it is necessary to optimize the management of health care system at all levels. In addressing these issues the priority is given to the managerial personnel of the healthcare institutions. The development and improvement of management, its adaptation to a particular environment is one of the main characteristics to improve the performance of health facilities.
In the healthcare the market is represented by public health agencies. In addition, there are the market of patients, the marketplace of ideas, the market of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment market, market goods and services in the field of sanitation and hygiene services market in the field of physical culture, the market of medical education, health care market and non-traditional methods of treatment and rehabilitation, health insurance market, etc.
Each type of market is divided into segments and the types of services which implement the managers and salesmen. Market segments are defined by the consumers in view of medical and geographic characteristics, age and sex, climatic, psychological and other conditions.
Health care market is a set of medical technology, medical equipment, methods of medical activity, pharmacological, medical exposure and prevention. In terms of marketing of any medical facilities it should be provided the following issues:
· What is the situation with the availability of services (goods) of a given population or territory?
· What is the demand for these services (goods)?
· What are the production and transportation costs for the manufacture and delivery of the goods (sale of services) and the costs of them?
· What is the cost of consumer goods (services) in the local market?
· What is the purchasing power of the population?
· What are the winning, the preferred side of the offered products (or services) over existing on the market?
· Are there medical, marketing, advertising and psychological conditions to affect the demand?
The health care providers should apply the monopoly prices (set by the manufacturer), nominal prices with the minimum cost and profitability; wholesale prices (for organizations released a large quantity of goods at a substantial discount ), retail prices (in store) over the allowed profit margins and selling organizations, the market price (equal to retail) (determined by the group selling the subjects given the overall benefits); sliding prices (established taking into account the different conditions), fixed prices (determined by the state, consumer associations , contracts) .
Moreover, it should be mentioned that the long-term inpatient medical care, given to patients whose condition cannot be significantly improved by the provision of health care, but whose health is deteriorating without systematic medical care, needs the permanent management and media advertising support, as the provision of the PTC is profitable for both the parties of the service.
In general, the term ‘long term care’ includes a wide range of services provided to individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities lasts for an extended period of time. However, the management measures are to inform the consumers about the facts that usually the long-term care means the additional assistance in the following areas:
· The help in making the basic operations such as wash, get dressed, get out of bed to go to the bathroom, eat and help with incontinence;
· The aid with the homework, such as cleaning, cooking laundry;
· Personal services, such as shopping, money management cases, medication;
· Transportation and others.
Therefore, due to the high importance of the management the medical institutions in the marketing of healthcare services the possibility of a consumer (quantity, concentration, ability to pay, the structure of morbidity); the possibility of a medical institution (availability, status of personnel, licensing services, experience in commercial activity) should be taken into account. The quality, the level and accessibility of health services (a set of services, quantity, additional, desirable and mandatory services, opportunities for improvement and renovation services, their novelty, practical and medical effects, etc.), competition (number of similar services, their quality and efficiency, equipped with the latest technology, professional level and their credibility in other institutions) is also of great importance.

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