How Technology Changes the Way We Live and Work

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Information and information technology in particular have dramatically changed peoples life both personally and professionally over the number of years. Throughout this period of time, many people have seen the advantages of the high-speed global communication, which is leading to a far better, easier and comfortable life. The rise in internet technology has made it simpler to communicate with one another due to numerous available media platforms using internet; hence, information transfer is fast, leading to easier and faster decision-making process.
Use of internet (information technology) has made it easier to transact, so now it is possible to do business with people far away from one another through the available online platforms. The platforms are not only simple to use, but also safe and very secure, since they eliminate the need to carry hard cash that can be stolen. All you need are debit and credit cards, which are prone to fraud. Today, it is possible to buy tickets for bus, train and plane, all at the comfort of ones home that not only saves time, but also convenient. Additionally, in case one needs to pay their bills, there are also online platforms handling the same transaction.
Lastly, due to the introduction of ATM machines, it is easier to access money that one might need in case of an emergency. It is because through the use of information technology, one can be able to operate his/her bank accounts at their own comfort, without making numerous to the banking facilities.
As a business manager, the technological platforms would help one utilize his/her social network marketing, which has a far and wide market audience. Internet marketing is global in nature; thus, promoting the business in a faster way across the globe. My mode of communication that I would encourage to all the stakeholders of the business would be through email, which is both fast and instant, as compared to letters, which would take a number of days to reach the recipient. I would as well like as to utilize video conferencing, which eliminates the need of a persons physical presence, which also saves time. Such IT investments can influence a firm strategy through affecting both its efficiency and effectiveness, as well as providing critical information that either increases the value of making investments in other resources or capabilities or steers management towards more effective decision making.
When it comes to training and development of my employees, I would utilize the use of learning in interactive classrooms that contain projectors; so one can also incorporate 3D images, computers and power point presentations, which takes learning to a new dimension. Therefore, trainings are simplified for the learners for easier understanding. When it comes to data storage, it would be better to invest in advanced computer infrastructures, which are helpful in organizing companies databases. These in turn can be used to store essential information relating to business activities. Most scholars attempt to link firms investment in technology IT with overall competitive advantage in the pursuit of superior performance.
With the advent of mobile technology, it will be wise as a business manager to utilize laptops, wireless broadband or even mobile broadband, since it is possible to do business anywhere, without necessarily having to sit at the comfort of ones office. It is now possible that people can be next to any wireless hotspots with their laptops and work, which might be more comfortable for an employee, making them more productive. Even a purely functional approach to IT investment is certainly sufficient to conclude that IT can enhance the firm competitive ability.
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