Discuss the Future and Issues with Nanotechnology in India?

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Nanotechnology is one of the great technology spreading world wide for its promising solutions regards human health as well as environment. But want to know what is the scope and future of this technology in India.


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    The future of nanotechnology in India is promising as well as a bit sceptic. Our governmental initiatives dominate the landscape of this sector. Investments from the government have boosted the global publications, scientific collaborations and also the institution’s numbers.

    Nanotechnology is mostly positively viewed in the country. The common issues that that can be faced with these technology are:

    1- funding
    2- commercialisation
    3- risk regulations
    4- benefits distributions

    In which the funding problem has reduced to a great extent as there are numbers of private and public lenders as well as NBFCs in market who can support funding to initiate a service in this field. If you have started business in this field for either research work or services providing, you may avail professional loans at lower interest rates with applied eligibility.

    The impact of nanotechnology in India:

    >> India has published more than 23,000 papers on Nano science. It ranked 3rd in paper publishing.

    >> 300 patent applications have been noted. The numbers have increased since 2006

    There is ample space for improvement. The money spent on this sector by India is a fraction of what the USA, France and Japan are spending currently. Moreover, the quality of research has only mildly improved since the 2006 NSTI phase. The private sector has contributed moderately to this sector.

    Nanotechnology benefits:

    Here are the reasons why you should invest in it.

    It manufactures new materials such as Nano-tubes and Nano-particles which can revolutionise the entire manufacturing industry.

    It transforms the way humans obtain and utilise energy. It has the potential to create a more economical base for solar power generation.

    This technology can bring significant advancements in the medicinal field. It can be sent to a patient’s arteries to clear out his blockage. Moreover, it can make surgeries more accurate and easier.

    The emergence of nanotechnology in India comes with a whole lot of incentives. If rightly invested by private sectors, it can transform the nation from a developing country to a developed one.
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