Runescape Membership Grind

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Both in Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 getting the Membership status is one of the most important steps in the game. Even though it can be bought with a real world money subscription, most players nowadays opt to farm up a Runescape Bond to get a free membership. Since money making methods are quite abundant, farming up a Runescape Bond can be quite easy.
Getting enough Runescape gold for a bond is one of the most important tasks for a newcomer. Membership not only grants access to immense amounts of content unavailable to free players but also grants tons of other benefits. One of the main benefits is the ability to get OSRS and RS3 gold a lot easier. Most of the best money making methods in Runescape are members-only. Farming Runescape gold without a membership is usually not worth the while. Therefore, one of the first tasks for a newer player should be to rush towards a Membership Bond.
Getting a membership bond can be done in many ways as there are tons of Runescape GP making methods even for free players. For those who want to be semi-afk, flipping in the Grand Exchange is the best ways. There are even YouTubers and players that have done 1 gp to 50M runs purely through flipping. Without a membership flipping is still possible albeit a little slower than usual.

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