OSRS Free to Play Woodcutting

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In Oldschool Runescape Woodcutting will often be the first profitable skill to level. It is one of the most beginner friendly, AFK-centric and cheap skills to level. Logs gained from Woodcutting can grant a decent amount of Runescape gold to sell later on. No one got rich strictly from Woodcutting but itís one of the best starter tools to start gathering all the OSRS gold a player needs. Also you can buy OSRS Gp from online marketplaces.
Leveling Woodcutting as a free-to-play player is easy. The only way to get from level 1 to level 15 is by cutting trees, which grant 25 experience per log. Simple Trees can be found nearly everywhere in Gielinor but the most popular areas are near Lumbridge and Varrock. Moving to Oak Trees after level 15 is the most common option. While Oak Logs grant less Runescape gold per piece, the EXP per hour increase is too high to pass Oak Trees up for profit.
Free-to-play players do not have many options after level 30. Most players start cutting down Willows and stick to these trees all the way up to 99. Willows are a nice middle-ground between being AFK, getting Runescape gold and EXP per hour. Willows will often be the best option for Free-to-Play players to level Woodcutting to the late levels. This is the best article I have seen so far about buying osrs gold.

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