5 Skills-Boosting College Jobs

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Working part-time during college can be a great way to improve your job prospects after your education; you will learn skills, learn to manage your time as well as balance work and school, additionally your networking skills will improve as well. All of this is sure to boost your college student CV significantly.

The initial step is to approach your college employment office and discuss your career choices as well as part-time job options in detail. Not only will they help you put a fresh perspective on the opportunities available, but will also help you build an impressive as well as suitable college student CV.

Here is a list of few skills-boosting college jobs you can join

1. Become a social media coordinator
This job involves the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many similar platforms that can aid in spreading your college or employers message.

Working as a social media coordinator will help you enhance your communication skills, help you stay on top of technology trends. Additionally you will also become a pro at data analyzing and build up on your marketing skills.

2. Become a Campus Brand ambassador
Many big companies like Google and Coca-Cola are always looking for students to hire as on-campus ambassadors. This job will entitle wearing the brand log or using the brandís product as well as advertising it on social media. This job will help you learn management skills, as well as sales and marketing. Not to mention that you might get on the inside track and even secure a job with the said company after graduation. However acquiring such jobs can be a tricky business. You will need to stand out, be creative and have a good grasp on sales and marketing concepts.

3. Work in a Career Center
Jobs in career center will mainly focus in teaching customer services as well as interacting professionally in a work environment. You will learn tons of skills while working in a career center. Skills such as a problem solving and computer skills are something you will pick up on, additionally you will learn how to make small talk easily which is quite important in securing a job.

4. Work as a child care provider
Most colleges and universities will have an on campus day care and they are always looking for extra help! Working will children will not only help you polish on your management skills but you will learn to be more patient and responsible. Moreover interacting with the administration and faculty outside of the class room will help you improve on your networking as well.

5. Become a computer salesperson
Working as a computer salesperson or even a help desk employee will add loads of experience to your resume as well! In addition to polishing your technology skills you will also have the opportunity to gain certain product knowledge that will help you immensely when you are looking for job after graduation.

There you have it! Our top 5 picks for the skills-boosting jobs you can work during college.


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