Merry Christmas

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Happy Merry Christmas
ē We celebrate Christmas on 25th of December. Christmas is a Christianity religion event. Christian celebrate Christmas by distributingís gifts among the peoples and wish happy Christmas by greetings to each otherís. Christmas is a 12 day event starting from 25th of December to 5th January on the day Christmas Christian peoples enjoys the event of Christmas itís a winter event so snow is most important on that day. If snow fall on Christmas day the peoples really enjoy more and more on the other hand if snow does not fall they looks very sad so the role of snow is most important on Christmas day. Peoples decorate street, trees and many more things to celebrate a happy merry Christmas. Santa Claus is father of Christmas and also famous as Saint Nichols.
ē Santa Claus is on earth to remember the day of Christmas which bring happiness and gathered to each otherís. The big happiness on Christmas day is not celebrations rather the big things on that day the heart of every one come closer to each other.
Santa Claus is a reason behind the happiness on that day peoples celebrate Christmas on 25th of December because the birth of Jesus Christ is on that day.

ē On the day of Christmas peoples sing the Christmas songs all the day and many of peopleís listening Christmas songs on Christmas time to celebrate with joyful.
Jesus Christ teaches us the lesson of love and peace. Christmas is the event of love and peace and whole world celebrates the happiness of Christmas and exchanges the gifts.
The most important thing on Christmas day is food the people eat different dishes different menu all peoples forget their diet and eat delicious food and celebrate a happy merry Christmas.
Peoples wishes greetings to every one
And celebrate a happy merry Christmas.
On Christmas day the people drunk very much and enjoy very much to gather. Christmas is an event which gathers peoples to gather under the Christmas tree with hope loves wishes and new opportunities. On Christmas day the most important and necessary thing is gift every one celebrate Christmas with exchange gifts and the children gives gifts to their children for celebrating Christmas and the children also gives gifts to their parents no doubt itís a small gift but the happiness is very large on Christmas http://www.christmasrecite.com/celebrations and children also enhance their friendship on Christmas day by giving gifts to each otherís and enjoy happy merry Christmas.
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  1. Brian's Avatar
    I look forward to Christmas this year. Usually, I give myself a present and organize an interesting trip on these holidays. I like that the holiday atmosphere is present in any country and people become more fun and kinder to each other. This year I will go to Tanzania. This year I will go to Tanzania. It was not an unexpected choice; I like to travel around Africa lately.
  2. Damian's Avatar
    I'm very happy for you, Brian. If you really will be in Tanzania then I highly recommend visiting Arusha Christmas Fair. This is really the heat of the Christmas mood. There isn't much time left for this event. You need to have time to find a place to live there. Try to go wantedinafrica.com. There are many housing options. A lot of people arrive at this time and you need to do everything quickly)
  3. hamza's Avatar