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Do you guys have some favourite sports activities apart from working out? Maybe football or martial arts or something...
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  1. milanj's Avatar
    Its good to see the details regarding the favorite sport activities van gogh museum private tour mentioned here. Everyone has a favorite sport item and they definitely know much more knowledge regarding that game. Sports really gives a relaxation to us. Thank you so much the details shared here.
  2. Joao115's Avatar
    Well, I enjoy watching sports only if I bet. Sports betting makes it much more interesting so if you aren't familiar with I think you should pay some attention to it.
  3. Fiholo's Avatar
    Do you think that betting can be called sport?
    I'm a fan of football but I can't say that it's something that I can call sport.. I mean betting.
  4. Nitroje's Avatar
    Same here .. I make bets.. but just for fun no more.
    I know that there's no way you get rich doing it.. you can't be always lucky !
  5. Fosmus21's Avatar
    I'm not here with you.. sport is a hobby it can't bring a lot of money if you're not a professional in this sphere... I'd rather do sport just for fun and for health . I check the score of my football team and root for it when I have time no.. more.
  6. Benio88's Avatar
    Yes, I agree with you. Why don't earn money on your hobby? Lately, I earn by betting more than on my official job. Of course, anyone needs experience, like in any branch. But it brings its fruits. I make bets here