What is Ambien? What are their Uses ?

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Ambien is a prescription medication for short term management of sleeping problems. You may also buy generic Ambien online for the same use. It is a brand name of Zolpidem, which is a sedative drug. Sometimes a sedative is also known as hypnotic. Zolpidem is a Schedule IV controlled substance that was approved for medical use in 1992.
You may buy Ambien online in both immediate and extended-release forms.
The immediate-release form of this medication is used to help you fall asleep when you first go to bed. The extended-release form of Ambien is available in a combination of two layers. The first layer dissolves quickly and helps you fall asleep, and the second layer dissolves slowly and helps you stay asleep.

Dosage forms and strengths
This medication is available in two strengths 5 mg and 10 mg.
5 mg tablets: Capsule shaped, pink, film-coated with "AMB 5" debossed on one side and "5401" on another side.
10 mg tablets: Capsule shaped, white, film-coated with "AMB 10" debossed on one side and "5421" on another side.

Dosage for treatment
You are advised to use the lowest effective dosage for a short duration. The recommended initial dosage is 5 mg for women and either 5 or 10 mg for men. You should take your dosage once a day at bedtime. Before taking Ambien, you should make sure that you have enough time (about 7 to 8 hours) to sleep.
You should not take a more frequent dosage than required.

Side effects
This medication may cause some frequent and severe side effects due to misusing the drug. Dangerous effects of Ambien do not occur more commonly but may in some adverse conditions.
Here is a list of side effects that require immediate medical consultation and treatment.
Less common Side Effects
Chest pain
confusion about identity, place, and time
false or unusual sense of well-being
fast, irregular and pounding or racing heartbeat or pulse
feeling sad or empty
a general feeling of discomfort or illness
lack of appetite
loss of interest or pleasure
shakiness and unsteady walk
trouble concentrating
trouble sleeping
unsteadiness, trembling, or other problems with muscle control or coordination
unusual tiredness or weakness
Rare Side Effects
the attack, assault, or force
black, tarry stools
bladder pain
bloody or cloudy urine
burning, crawling, itching, numbness, and prickling, "pins and needles," or tingling feelings
change in walking and balance
cold sweats
decreased awareness or responsiveness
deep or fast breathing with dizziness
severe, burning, or painful urination
difficulty swallowing
dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness when getting up from lying or sitting position
dry mouth
false beliefs that cannot be changed by facts
feeling of unreality
frequent urge to urinate
hives, itching, or skin rash
irregular heartbeat
lack of feeling or emotion
light-colored stools
lower back or side pain
numbness of the feet, hands, and around the mouth
pale skin
poor insight and judgment
problems with memory or speech
puffiness or swelling of the eyelids and around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue
quick to react or overreact emotionally
rapidly changing moods
seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there
sense of detachment from self or body
severe sleepiness
sores, ulcers, or white spots on the lips or in the mouth
stomach pain
swollen glands
thoughts of killing oneself or changes in behavior
tightness in the chest
trouble recognizing objects
trouble thinking and planning
difficulty walking
troubled breathing with exertion
unusual bleeding or bruising
yellow eyes or skin
unease or dissatisfaction with life
It is not a complete list of side effects; some others may also be possible. Take immediate medical help if you have any irregular changes in your body while taking Ambien.


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