For my class are not in MS2 Maple story M Mesos

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For my class are not in MS2 Maple story M Mesos and I sell them or exchange them. All I could do is dismantle them for a Bow with maximum Pierce? In MS1 the grind has got to be exhausting because I am tired and I might not log on for a week. I then get back on the grind since I know I can make mesos by helping others with their equipment and buy better equipment for myself. They are so focused on eliminating the Meso Sellers they have lost track of the fact that what's the most fun for many players is that we could sell the fantastic stuff we get that we cant use and get good gear the RNG gods didnt choose to favor us with.

Also the most popular areas on older MS1 have been the Party Quests where you needed to do jump quests or resolve sequences and clear a few lesser monster displays before you got to your boss. And then everybody would compare what they got and how much it would sell for or"can we exchange". It maintained friendships going. In MS2 its only"I wish I could give you these awesome casting stars, but I must destroy them instead." I have gotten over 50 B1 keys and not just one B4 key and it took me 3 months to go from +12 weapon to +13 weapon. Why cant I buy a B4 secret or cheap weapons to use for enchanting? I believed I would get one character for each course, but today I only wish to enjoy what I have realized instead of spending all my time and efforts on becoming frustrated with a new character - I am not willing to spend time to get a new character. That's what I hate about this sport. ?

Priest and wizard are my mains. Wizard'cause because I usually play assistance in MMOs, I wanted a character, and Priest. Broadly speaking, a healer class will be off from the activity, projecting ranged spells that would cure their party without placing themselves at much risk. I have been having a lot of pleasure with how backwards it is in Maple two though. The simple fact that I need to dive right into danger to cure up people is nervewracking, but in a great way. I really like OP my fans feel, and chaining them with other people's fans is a great deal of fun. I spend more time than I do using skills, running around in a fight. More often than not, you need to chase down your party members to heal them, since people tend to fear when they become seriously low. Appears less common than"Get the hell off!" ?

Think it's time to proceed from maplestory 2. Ms1 last longer than ms2 cuz they literally downgraded the MaplestoryM Mesos match by taking a lot of material out. Developers won't comprehend the rng is debilitating cuz the grind is not imaginative or enjoyable. Additionally, there are a fantastic chunk of this fan base that inform ppl not to play cuz they

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