WoW Classic lets players relive the social life in the game

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Unlike the modern WoW impression, every place in the WoW Classic is alive and well, mainly because players in the WoW Classic need it more and communicate with others. You sometimes find some merchants, and you can easily buy the much needed potions and better equipment from them. Some adventurers with the same mission goals choose to form a small team to kill the low-level monsters in groups. FFWOW is currently the most reliable WoW Classic Gold supplier, offering the world's cheapest WoW Classic Gold to players from all over the world. If you become a VIP member of, you can also enjoy discounts when you buy WoW Classic Gold.

I have forgotten the last time I was asked by a stranger in World of Warcraft, and I am happy to find this feeling again in WoW Classic. In the past ten years, World of Warcraft has been moving toward simple and fast goals, designed to let players experience the end-game content of the game faster. The origin of all these changes is the expansion of Cataclysm. Compared to the release in 2004, the modern WoW leveling process is no longer difficult, and players in any level can easily face the enemy or complete the task in a single situation. Some of the necessary multiplayer content, such as team dungeons or team raids, can be quickly automated through the efficient dungeon finder system. In general, players can completely experience most of the core content in World of Warcraft without relying on others, which makes the social function of the game meaningless.

But in WoW Classic, the old-fashioned Azeroth continent will let you understand the importance of friends and teams. When your character reaches level 10 or above, you will face real difficulties and dangers. I played the human Mega, and Westfall outside Stormwind blocked me from moving forward. I can only attack one monster at a time, because my damage is very limited, and if I get the attention of three or more enemies, I will be fatally dangerous. Not only that, because I need to keep releasing the spells, it makes my mana cost quickly, and I have to take a break before attacking the next enemy. In the meantime, the new monster has been reborn.

Id died four times at the murloc camp off the coast of Westfall, because every attack I always attracts too many monsters. What surprised me was that a group of strangers saw my dilemma and invited me to join their team. We stayed in the coastline for a long time and killed a lot of monsters, everyone got a lot of experience. Every day, members will quit this temporary small group, but new members will join soon. This time is my happiest time in WoW Classic.

The influx of a large number of followers has made the WoW Classic very crowded, but these people will return to the modern WoW after a while. The players who will eventually stay together will make Azeroth more humane and more suitable for beginners to survive.

Are you unable to buy your favorite equipment at the auction house because of the lack of WoW Classic Gold? Are you unable to pay for the purchase of the mount? Don't worry, you can spend a small amount of money on FFWOW to buy enough WoW Classic Gold. Then you can buy any item you like in the game. Use code "FFWOW" to get 5% discount.
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