MTS was People Maple story M Mesos

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MTS was People Maple story M Mesos need to take this game more seriously if they want a match not only Nexon but the gamers as wellWill MapleStory HighV boxes be deletedst of all yes I read that they were being delted at midnight Especially since thats much closer to maintenance timeInstead Im guessing my V boxes disappeared since they place it

to midnight GMT with no actual indication of it being GMT from the description or even the information article or the forum postSo I stored them to open them tonight because they would have filled my stock with scrolls yesterday but alas nexon is too hard to run a line of code and delete the items throughout maintenance instead

they would rather put new boxes for a new patch in before the patch really occurs Likewise with the Vth job quests that can be awkwardly available but nonfunctional for hours before maintenance because again nexon is lazy and incompetentI sent in a ticket and if I do not get some compensation Im out Normally I take break out of

walnut because its a terrible addiction and Im having a lot of fun but this time youve destroyed MaplestoryM Mesos an whole occasion for the casual players youre trying to bring back I will be sure to verbally denounce your business to everyone I know who has some interest in playing a nexon game again I dont believe games a waste of time once I enjoy

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