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Distance Learning
Definition: a number of definitions for distance learning are available in the literature. Chaney &Eddy 2011 proposes different criteria’s of defining distance education (Chaney, Chaney, & Eddy, 2011). The first one is the separation of learner and a teacher so as to influence an educational organization specifically in learning materials planning and preparation, technical media use and a two way mode of communication provision offered in the most industrialized form of education. You can read full article about online education vs traditional education essay on our web! Furthermore, industrialized and privatized features in learning institutions are associated with distance learning. Another description is that it is an educational process where students deprived of space with time of the instructor do a significant part of learning. The process of learning is normally done with a combination of Medias. Some of the most effective programs involve linking broadcasts together with print and some form of face-to-face learning (Chaney, Chaney, & Eddy, 2011).
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