Is it Ok, if One do CA after ACCA?

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Will it be OK, if one go to choose the course CA after completing ACCA.


  1. aditiahuja's Avatar
    An applicant can pursue CA certification course after becoming a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. There is a significant advantage to achieve an ACCA accreditation.

    ACCA offers more opportunities for an individual to venture into the global financial market. However, it does not allow that person to practice as a CA in India. An individual with an ACCA and CA certification can start their own CA firm and can explore a vast employment opportunity on both Indian and international soil.

    It has become significantly easier for individuals to pursue CA course after ACCA certification thanks to the revised guidelines and the availability of professional loan for chartered accountant. Practitioners can apply for credits to mitigate their personal and professional requirements, allowing them to overcome any financial strain witnessed during the CA course.

    CA and ACCA certificate holders are likely to have a significant boost in their career. ACCA is recognised in more than 130 countries, and an individual can work in some of the best accounting firms and multinational companies across the world.

    CA certification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India opens a wide career prospect inside the country. One can associate with any private or public sector financial institution, work as an auditor, or open a CA firm to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. They can also opt for a personal loan for chartered accountants to start or grow their business.