Can a BAMS Doctor Practice Allopathy?

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In India, can BAMS Doctors practice Allopathy or not?


  1. aditiahuja's Avatar
    Ayurveda or Homeopathy doctors are not allowed to practice Allopathy in India as they belong to 2 different medicinal disciplines. However, the National Medical Commission Bill, 2017 seeks to change the apex medical education regulator, which will allow individuals with BAMS degree to practice Allopathy.
    This decision was taken to improve the communication between individuals practising Homeopathy, Indian Systems of Medicine, and modern Systems of Medicines. Although the bill is not passed yet, it is showing significant enthusiasm amongst peers in the medical industry as the new bill will allow a unified system and wider acceptance from practitioners hailing from different streams.

    It is likely to introduce a uniform system in the Indian medical industry. Doctors will also be able to cater to a significantly larger number of patients in a more efficient manner. If needed, they can set up their clinic or practice with healthcare finance, providing a monetary boost to overcome the financial strain during purchase and installation of new equipment.

    Although BAMS doctors cannot practice Allopathy as of now, it is likely that the bill will be soon passed to merge the different systems of medicine under one unified umbrella. The bill is also poised to tackle corruption and unhealthy practices, which has brought the Indian healthcare industry under scrutiny several times. It will also help overcome the low doctor-patient ratio across the country, and allow new graduates and existing practitioners a wider field to practice and improve their earning.