Madden 20: The next MUT OP defensive game is here

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How can I completely close my opponent and watch them feel like they are squirming without making any yards?

We have good gameplay here, it looks like a new metagame to exchange Pinch Buck 0, so it seems that everyone is running.

A game that blocks their "running and passing" is very big, and that's it. In Madden 20, rushing is more important than ever. With this game, you can stop running, but when you try to pass when you are stupid enough, you are likely to be fired.From today to October 3, you can enjoy a 6% discount on the purchase of MUT 20 Coins from the code "Halloween" on GameMS. This is a grand promotion.

You will then use the MLB's idea to pass the short circuit in the past and stop the rapid attack.

When you choose to do this, the absolute pressure on the front line of each 5/6 person means that the optimal time for QB to send the ball away is zero. Similarly, such a large number of defenders are often difficult to compete with.

Another way to increase your play but be riskier is to put OLB in the blitz and head toward FS. Do this before the QB contains which player to set the edge with the FS.Buy MUT 20 Coins from your will be the easiest way to trade quickly and 100% safely.

We hope this is the latest Meta Defense Money Play that will dominate MUT in your foresight. Please enjoy!
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