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I will subtext that with unless they begin to MaplestoryM Mesos blatantly BS at a really gloomy way like the one guy"Oh you listed me clearly doing it manually")? .I use a control for some PC gaming. But my control allow commands to be set by me . So I will decide on a button to move and do any actions I need and set a gap in between, like 2sec gap 8sec gap. As long as I have something to keep back that button on my controller. The game things I'm pressing the buttons since my control repeat the exact same command with pause in between.

I don't get why utilizing robots is wrong, at a shitty game in which getting a fantastic number of mesos you have either to work your ass off(probably do not wana do this as it is a shitty match ), or use bots, you consent farming is exhausting yet don't give that not everybody is as capable or more likely has the time for this shit but nevertheless wish to expereince that the"good" part of the game and apply that everybody has to do as you do even though that is not your task, it is the programmer's job as pointed at the tos. You reek of being the kind that's apparently"justice" pushed but in reality is far from that, not because of my subjective opinion on botting,

but more so since this is such an inconsequential act on the whole and yet you still do it and post this as if this is what is gonna correct botting, I bet not 1/10 of the people that play this sport know of you, and you are still posting"repairs" to botting, 1 way by the way to prove or maybe disprove it is inconsequential, would be to watch the bot percentage right after that. ?

Ok so I play berserker now, and im almost up to gs for doing insanity raids, but I will point Maple story M Mesos something out that I dont think your really aware of, wizards cant out dps a berserker dependant on which build the berserker is utilizing, berserkers have builds that can permit them to hit enemies for more than 100k damage in one strike, and

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