Object Oriented Programming language

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PHP is an Object Oriented Programming language. It's mainly used by developers but some time use by general purpose. It helps in building web design.


  1. bradshaw48's Avatar
    Well there are many languages which you can select for programming. Like here is a good guide for php vs javascript.
  2. Damian's Avatar
    Which language is most popular for creating a site now. I would like to create a website for my network of fitness centers. I am very concerned about the obsolescence of software. I would like the site to be relevant for a long time.
  3. Brian's Avatar
    It depends on many reasons, Damien. This is best explained to you by a web development specialist. Maybe you should visit Globalgraphics right now? Programming languages can be standard, but the choice of a site engine always adds its own characteristics. I realized this when I tried to make a website for myself using a template. I no longer want to repeat this experience. It’s easier for me to entrust this business to professionals.