Do you surf Instagram to take a rest?

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What things do you want to do when you want to have a rest ?
Sometimes I just read books or surf the Instagram .
What do you do?
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  1. Nitroje's Avatar
    I love reading online magazines about different actresses or models .. it makes me feel really good and I get some motivation to do the same thing in my life ! Such people are very important for us if we want to be successful we need to think that such people and act like them !
  2. Fosmus21's Avatar
    Same here! I love surfing net or Instagram and I use this site and read about different models or celebrities last time I read about a model Bridget Malcolm (source she is such a good model and I also look up at her as an example of rich and happy life ! So cool.
  3. Fiholo's Avatar
    For sure when I have nothing to do I surf instagram and I've just learned how to see my likes on instagram . And I came across some cool apps which let me to follow my stars and see what they like and their comments.. what a cool thing I said to myself !