How to buy and save Final Fantasy XI currency?

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Final Fantasy XIís main currency is Gil and there are different websites and marketplaces offering the Gils for real money. If you are not into farming and saving, then you can always spend the money and advance in the game. Most of the websites have same setup in which to buy the FFXI Gil, you first have to make an account and then look for the deals that you are looking for. When you get your favorite deal, the payment will be deducted from your account and kept by the website for a short time. After that you and seller select a time and date in the game where seller transfers you the Gil. Once you get the amount of Gil that you ordered, the payment is released in the sellerís account. So, these websites act as a middleman for some commission and safe dealing.
Final Fantasy XI is not like any regular role-playing game. It does not matter how many amounts of Gil you bought, you will eventually going to consume them all. So, here you need to act smart as you cannot burn all of your money on Gil. Aside from buying the FFXI Gil, look for the odd jobs as crafting and helping out goldsmiths. Or if you are a thrill-seeker, then you can head towards the dungeons where you can fight off enemies and collect the Gil from the loot. The amount of Gil that you can loot always depends on the type of monster that you kill. Another thing that you must do is prefer the local markets instead of buying everything. All the weapons and shields can be found at very reasonable prices from the in-game vendors and shops. The old school way of earning rewards is complete the quests that will result in rewards and updating the character simultaneously. By the time you reach 99 or 100 level, your inventory will be filled with thousands of Gil and you can upgrade all the gears and characters that you want. Moreover, in the event seasons, there are different discounts and packages available at different websites so buying FFXI Gil at those times can help you save money as well as get maximum amount of Gil. So, thatís all you need to know about FFXI Gil and how to save them.
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