Beginners Guide to ESO: 5 tips to help you get started

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Let me just come out and say it. The Elders Scroll Online is a pretty overwhelming game. It is not like your typical MMO. TESO tries to integrate as much originality as possible, giving you the opportunity to quest and explore the land as you see fit.
This guide aims to show you the way without actually revealing too much about the game quality of life advice mostly.
1. Questing
Starting off we have questing. The game drops you in a specific part of the map depending on the race you pick at the beginning.
Now if you have played or watched the game before, you might be fond of some specific places and want to quest there and in TESO you can quest anywhere you like.
Just visit a wayshrine and you can teleport to any zone you prefer and continue your questing there.
Games are about enjoying yourself and what good is a game if it doesnít allow you to quest at your desired location. Also the world scales with your level, so you wonít be running into any higher-level enemies as well.
2. Questing
Questing in TESO is adventure-based rather than objective-based. Simply put, you donít have objective sticking around the corner. Instead the game allows you to freely explore the game and stumble naturally upon quests, you know, like a normal situation. You are rewarded by ESO Gold.
It feels quite engaging and adds a sense of authenticity to the game. There is a lot of exploration involved which only adds to your gameplay experience. You could find treasure maps, recipes, sky shards, lore books and even become a criminal, the possibilities are endless.
3. Sky Shards
Sky shards are like upgrades. Upon collecting 3 shards you are awarded a skill point that you can spend on a new passive or ability. They are scattered all around the world, sometimes very cunningly hidden behind rocks and tree barks.
You have to be actively searching for them but after a while, it becomes second nature. But keep an eye out for them when youíre questing nonetheless.
4. Crafting materials
Searching materials are hard to spot at the beginning, but you get used to them just like searching for skyshard. But unlike the shards, you can invest skill points to improve your crafting skills.
You can become more efficient at spotting certain craftable materials. You can also hire a worker who collects such materials and brings them over to you. the possibilities are endless.
5. Crafting(in-depth)
The crafting mechanic in TESO is by far one of the most comprehensive we have seen so far. You can always buy and spend ESO Gold to speed up certain aspects of the game, but nothing beats the fruits of your patience coming into play.
You can craft different armors, enchant them with recipes you crafted from the hundreds and thousands of items you can find in the world. crafting is a big part of the game. There are players who are dedicated to crafting and play TESO only for that feature.
This is the first five of 10 tips we have in store. Tune in next time to know more about the adventure that awaits you in TESO! For ESO ITems check out ESO ITems seller shop:

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