The new version of World of Warcraft released will bring players back to the classic

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The new version of World of Warcraft released will bring players back to the classic era

In the Blizzard Carnival that just ended in the last few days, it was officially announced that it will release World of Warcraft 9.0 version today, and at the same time the official also announced some news about CG. Have to say that the arrival of the shadowlands, greatly expanded the game world view of World of Warcraft. This not only makes the players interested in the follow-up plot, but also makes the players look forward to the story that will happen in Azeroth. WOW Classic Boosting can help you solve difficult problems in the game and quickly improve your level, which is more than a super difficult level of Molten Heart.

But in addition to the new map new story contained in the historical expansions, perhaps Blizzard's adjustment of the "World of Warcraft" part of the system will affect the world more deeply. This has also led many old players to regard the shadowlands as a "best fit for return" piece of information. Players who are accustomed to some game makers' conferences may not be comfortable with this World of Warcraft release, because it is more like a review than a business blow.

First of all, at the Carnival, Blizzard admitted that in recent years, several major pieces of information did not strictly control the skills formula and capacity expansion related issues, and the development of the artifact system, and ultimately out of the overall planning of many occupations. For these problems, Blizzard said that it will re-adjust the artifact system in the new version, and even collect the opinions of the players in the player group to continuously correct it. This means that no matter whether it is a new player or an old gamer who wants to return to a few pieces of information, there is no need to face a complicated and difficult to understand game system.

Second, in the shadowlands, the class will become more characteristic of the class itself. As the official said, career is a collection of talent, and talent will enhance the profession. All paladins will treat their teammates and they can use justice to fight against the enemy. At the same time, the halo system such as the paladin, the totem system of the shaman, the poison mechanism of the stalker, and the curse system of the warlock will also return to the game. https://www.mmowts.com/ will be able to bring you more good news and help, please refer to the website for details.

Simply put, the classic professional design that has been inherited from the DnD era will return to the game. This is a good news for players who are used to this system.
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