Best Damege Dealer of AOE spell damage in WoW Classic: Warlock

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As we mentioned in the previous article, whether it is a Horde or an Alliance, mages is the best choice for dealing with single targets, they have superb long-range spell damage. But in the face of large-scale enemies and monsters, mages will lack the space for attack. In this regard, the best performers of all classes in the WoW Classic are the Warlocks, who have the strongest AOE spell damage ability and can quickly destroy the entire monster group for a period of time. Correspondingly, they need to spend more energy than magics and rogues when attacking a single target. You can get a 5% extra offer to buy WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS's official website. Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of MMOWTS, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

The advantage of warlocks is that they use the damage-over-time spell, also known as DOT, which can repeatedly apply various debuffing effects to the enemy for the duration, thus causing a large number of butterflies to superimpose the damage, which makes them in PvP The battle has a considerable advantage. Warlocks using Affliction specialization are almost impossible to defeat in a one-on-one battle.

The flaw of the warlock is the system mechanism. In WoW Classic, the monster can only afford up to 16 kinds of debuffs at the same time. In the team raid, in addition to the warlock, there are many other professions that need to rely on the suggested effect to cause damage to the boss. Not only that, under the same conditions, the warlock will have a higher threat to the boss when it creates damage, which easily leads to the demise of the entire team. Therefore, warlocks often fail to inflict damage on enemies with maximum efficiency in team raids.

Therefore, in most teams, the warlock usually undertakes various auxiliary tasks. Their main ability is to provide soul stone for all members of the team. After the soul stone is bound to the player, they can get the ability to resurrect. This ability is very important because it allows the tank and the therapist to have better survivability, and even if the entire team members are dead, they are not resurrected to the position of the soul to the corpse. Another feature of the Warlock is the portal, which allows team members to gather in the dungeon entrance in a short period of time to increase efficiency.

Warlocks consume soul fragments when using most of their skills. Collecting soul fragments is a boring and lengthy process. If the Warlock has determined the start time of the upcoming team raid, he needs to kill the monsters in the wild in advance, and then use the bag or special soul bag to pack all the soul fragments. This process is not very interesting.

Warlocks can banish demons and elementals, which makes them useful for crowd control – including druid ‘tree’ healers in PvP, who are classified as an elemental in tree form. Also in PvP, warlocks make heavy use of fear and Drain Life, allowing them to scare off an opponent and then restore their own health by draining their enemy.

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