Considering that the amount of the reports, there's Maplestory M Mesos

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Considering that the amount of the reports, there's MaplestoryM Mesos been a delay in the inspection process. We are trying our best to continue to decrease the gap and speed up the reaction time to generate a better match and maintain a respectful community"

When some players want to discuss their opinions, others want to get articles that is sex-related in there. Searching for"pride" in the Meret Market yields gay and trans pride themed things, but you'll also be able to find a shirt which says"Proud To Be White," with the tag"WhitePower."

1 player who desired to remain anonymous told Kotaku that they've seen things like this on the Meret Market since the game's official release on October 10. "It's really overt," they stated. "Individuals will market in world chat stations to purchase their brand new items, and its often a MAGA hat or something. And the players placing these designs up for sale are rewarded with sport money."

This player told Kotaku that they had tried reporting the things, but nothing had happened. "The very same things are still up for sale. You still see them all over," they stated. "They might have folks working on it, but I have seen zero change in anything. Items put up for sale do not have to be approved, so people can put anything up."

It's not clear who are making and downloading these items. They may be trolls looking to get Maple story M Mesos a rise of people online. They might also be real white supremacists trying to recruit people, as some have claimed to have performed in other online games. Regardless of what, it is disturbing compared to an impressionable kid could find white supremacist content at a chipper-looking game just by looking for the word"proud," and MapleStory 2's programmers will triumph in their stated attempts to"speed up the response time" to gamers' reports.

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