I'm considering going to get an erotic massage. Good/Bad idea?

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I'm under 25 (but over 18) and I haven't had a real relationship. I'm not bad looking, I just can't seem to get the dating started. Anyway, due to this I've become sexually frustrated, and have found some erotic massage listings online. I'm willing to pay, and I really think I want this. Is it okay to do? Will I be safe? Can these online listings be a trap of some sort? I'd love any advice.
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  1. Newguy65's Avatar
    It's not that great. Too many nerves. A girl might not be cute. You might get ripped off. She might use some smelly hand lotion. She might answer her mobile repeatedly lining up the next dude to darken her door. She might not look like her CL photo. You might not rise to the occasion. If you want to get sex after massage, better use properly services, like here https://escortibiza.info/service-erotic-massage/
  2. BigMike33's Avatar
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