WoW Classic part2 is now online

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WoW Classic part2 is now online

Update one: World of Warcraft classic PVP honor system has now started online, as well as the PvP rankings and bonus game bonuses provided by Blizzard.

Choose players who are within 10th level of your level and challenge them. If you beat them, you will get the honor of killing. If you are defeated, you will not get anything. These killing honors will help you keep up the ranks in the PVP system and unlock various rewards. Such as PvP jewelry, cloak, pharmacy, and even the precious Classic WOW Gold and so on.

But not every kill will bring the same honor to the players. For example, when a certain powerful player attacks the same weak player many times, the bonus he gets after winning each game. Honors will continue to decrease. At the same time, when the system resets the revenue diminishing, the honor value will not increase. The system automatically determines this abnormal behavior and protects the weak players while banned the powerful and unscrupulous players.

World of Warcraft classic PVP winning awards have also been confirmed. Players of the Horde and Alliance will receive epic weapons, with approximately 60,000 upgrade points, and a total of 14 levels will be required to wait for the players to unlock.

Original: The final release date of the second phase of World of Warcraft is scheduled to be on November 14, 2019, and will be launched simultaneously in the UK and the US. This means that when everything is ready, players are bound to face fierce challenges in the PVP system and make crazy kills. https://www.zzwow.com/wow-classic-gold can provide players with a variety of needs in the game.

Most of the second phase is already in place, and the new dungeon is waiting for players to go in and find out. The game now has only one layer left. This leaves the player with the release of the Azuregos and Kazzak monsters and the PvP honor system. And according to the latest news of Blizzard sharing, there is currently no plan to temporarily close the Warcraft Classic Server.

In terms of time, the second phase of World of Warcraft has been broadcast live in the UK on the evening of November 14th (Thursday). Blizzard will release the game at around 7 pm GMT. If you live in the United States, you have now received an update plan from Blizzard.
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