10 Mistakes To Avoid In PTE Academic

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Imagine studying for PTE Academic and working hard to get 79+ but you end up with bad marks. You don't even know where these marks are getting deducted from, that's where it hits the most. There are some important things you need to in order to avoid committing mistakes that can hamper your results.

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  • Ideally, start speaking as soon as the microphone opens. There's some amount of preparation time given for each question (where it's required) to formulate your response. So you should be ready to speak when the microphone opens. Else, your microphone will switch off after 3 seconds on its own for that question.
  • Don't speak like a robot. Speak like you would in an academic environment. There should be stress where it's required, small pauses where full stops occur and so on. This will help your responses to stand out as logical sentences and not as one long sentence.
  • Don't write in all CAPS. The biggest mistake you can commit to writing tasks is this. Use capital letters wisely, the form really matters. Your first word of a sentence should start with a capital letter and then there are normal rules like using Capital letters with names, places, etc. Keep that in mind.
  • Punctuations matter. There should be a comma, full stop, etc in your sentences wherever required. Double check your written response to make sure you have ended every sentence with a full stop.
  • Write within the word limit. Your question will come up with instruction, it's important to follow these instructions. The most important instruction is writing within the word limit. If you are given a word limit of 200-300 then you better follow it. It's easy to follow as there is a word counter wherever you have to write. If you write more or less from the word limit than marks will be deducted specifically for it.
  • Stick to the content. It's important that you don't deviate from what the content is about. Introducing your own ideas (say in re-tell lecture etc) is not a good choice. Similarly, you can give views according to the prompt but don't introduce your own topic into an Essay.
  • For the listening tasks, you can only hear a recording once. So everything else can wait, just focus on the audio for the time being. You may or may not take notes according to your needs. If you are taking notes, make sure to write in abbreviation to save some time.
  • Time Management is really important for each question. When it comes to Reading and Listening section, it becomes crucial. If you want to finish all the questions then you have to do each question in an ideal time.
  • Don't touch or try to change your equipment's position. If you feel like something is not working then tell your administrator immediately by raising your hand. Do not shout inside the hall.
  • Utilize the whole time if it's not getting carried forward in the section. For example, Essay, Summarize Written Text and Summarize Spoken Text's given time can be fully utilized.


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    I just got that I made such mistakes... thanks though they're obvious it's important to work on it to fix them !
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