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I Don't Want to Write Another Article! Marketing Articles | September 30 nike air max 90 ultra se australia , 2013
Does that sentence ever run through your head? I can tell you the honest truth that this is exactly what I am feeling right now. Here I sit trying to write something you will find interesting, fulfill...

Does that sentence ever run through your head? I can tell you the honest truth that this is exactly what I am feeling right now. Here I sit trying to write something you will find interesting, fulfilling and maybe even fun. But my mind is blank and feels like mush! So nike air max 90 ultra essential australia , I thought I'd write about that and see if you ever felt that way.

For those of you who send an ezine (newsletter) out to your list, do you always include an article?

Actually, writing articles is a really great thing to do because it gives others in the world a chance to get to know who you are and what you do. I put each article into a wide variety of 'article banks' which gives me great exposure. My article also goes into my blog.

I also post my articles on Facebook nike air max 90 essential australia , LinkedIn groups and Twitter so the reach is truly unlimited, just for one little article. And if I can read your mind a bit you're saying to yourself that this sounds a bit lame. So what that your articles are all over the universe.

Well, let me share this with you and maybe it will change your mind. I have literally had readers turn into clients.

Some of my best examples are women who read my article nike air max 90 leather australia , liked it and went to my website and signed up to get on my list. (This is why you want your articles on social media) Some of these woman sign up for programs or services I offer. The best was a couple of them came to my live retreat and then signed up for my higher end platinum program.

All that from one article!

So, now what do you think about writing articles? Even though it may be painful sometimes, sometimes articles just flow out of me easily. I'll bet that is true for you as well. There are so many positive reasons for writing articles that I believe it justifies being stuck sometimes.

And here is another tip I will share with you. Sometimes during the summer or the holidays I repurpose articles nike air max 90 premium australia , which means I RE use them. I may change them up a bit or I may not. I repurpose articles that people made comments or asked questions about either in LinkedIn groups or my blog. If you are not doing this now, it's something you may want to add to your arsenal.

In a nutshell, if you are not writing articles you should be nike air max 90 hyperfuse australia , if you are writing articles makes sure they get out into the world and if you get stuck sometimes know that it is simply normal and you'll get over it.

Action Step: Not writing articles? Start. Writing articles? Submit them to article banks and social media.

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