Erotic Massage

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I've been working at an AMP (Asian Massage Parlor) for about 2 years now. I give handjobs, covered blowjobs, and have protected sex with my clients (if they pay the price!). Feel free to ask me anything!

Gosh so many questions! I didn't get to answer all of them, but I'll be back, don't worry!
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  1. BigMike33's Avatar
    My first was on vacation at Ibiza. Half-expected it to be a clean massage, but I just said yes when she popped the question.
    A lot of the fun of happy endings is you don't know whether you're going to get asked if you want one. Is the joint clean? Suggest you this escort agency for erotic massage https://escortibiza.info/service-erotic-massage/
  2. Newguy65's Avatar
    I have to say you have a very weird view of people who exchange sexual favors for money. They aren't doing it because they like you. Sorry to break it to you but you should probably learn that, even if they say you're special, or your dick feels the best, they're lying. Geneva escort agency, have excellent services for getting an erotic massage!