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I'm likely to remark MaplestoryM Mesos this here,meso are rather simple to get, create a few characters make them level 50 perform the"get rich" daily missions, regular do your 10 dungeons on each and every character,(30 a week each character) every 5 dungeons you get a purple box, open the purple box that you get meso. The thing is, those boxes will fall tradable weapon update material. When you're doing your dungeons,30 for the week, then you'll be getting a great deal of Blues to drop rather than selling those simply dismantle them into upgrade substance. It will sell. If you aren't trying to hurry for the chaos raids in November and you should not need to be concerned about having plenty of update materials the ones you receive from the purple boxes should be enough to upgrade your stuff.

Given how this movie is structured, half being what is bound and what isn't, in this procedure it seems as tho it's designed to tackle starters and beginners (nothing to it, it is made well for only that). Vast majority of present MS2 players are veterans, they understand the small information and terminology in order that they may prefer a more'to the stage' strategy (which is likely where the 3 horn reverses came from). It's a great thing that the tittle says quick rather than quickest/best-est trigger then people would flock you with retorts and hints. Again this can be constructive criticism, it isn't about the founder specifically, just throwing my remark and feelings, great video, nothing to it. ?

Upgrade your firearms to +7 and a small bit of your own armor, that will make you reach 2100 much quicker and far more affordable than having a purple. After you are at the dungeon lobby you can change your gear back to what it is supposed to be (eliminate daggers/shuriken) and you can proceed with the hard dungeons even if you are under 2100 GS. You should get a purple weapon for your class within a few runs, then you're all set. TLDR: Farming for ordinary dungeon purple drops is a waste of time. Just cheese your solution to 2100 dual wielding two (upgraded) weapons that add to gearscore together with full lvl 50 blue equipment. ?

Quick little shout out to doing the exploration quests while moving through your most important quests, not all of them. Channel surfing for normal and gold mines isn't worth it for instance. And farming your fishing up mastery for the fishing quest quests also is sort of a waste of time. Main pursuit is the simplest way for to scatter in some exploration quests while you soldier throughout. Kind of a pity that monster farming is not as good as it was at MS1 though. ?

One of the reasons RNG feels bad in this game is because of most activities Maple story M Mesos being period gated. Most men and women love grinding one of two ways: 1. Grinding without limits for as long as you want or 2. Grinding to get a fixed amount of time for a guaranteed result sooner or later. MS2 tells you to grind RNG in addition to RNG and you can only get so many attempts before they say, sorry try again weekly. It's also annoying once you are stuck at a tier 3 gem or a +12 weapon for 2weeks and keep failing without a feeling of progression, while viewing individuals in world chat get lucky all day.

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