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The Negative Impacts of Divorce on Children

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Unfortunately, the divorcing parents do not ponder on the side effects that they impact on the future of their children. Upon separation, children feel insecure since the bond which they deem as their source of warmth and inspiration breaks up. The situation scraps off the security that the parents provide when they remain united making children susceptible to harsh externalities. Consequently, such children end up in a state of destitute exposing them to the societal vices which, eventually, affects their lives negatively. These children express their dissatisfactions with their parent’s divorce by indulging into vices such as drug addiction, poor education performance, and marriage failures among others. For the purpose of analysis, it will be critical to analyze disadvantages and advantages on the divorced parents’ children based on deduced thesis statements.
The first thesis statement states that divorce of parents leads to the indirect immoderation into drug abuse of their children. Such children start to embrace drugs abuse such as drinking of alcohol and smoking of bhang and cigarettes. Others involve themselves into the use of hardcore drugs such cocaine and heroin. However, it is worth noting that this behavior occurs accidentally as many may try to purport. The behavior develops as a habitual way of running away of these children who feel victimized by their parents’ calamities. They tend to hide into the drugs as a way of minimizing their stress. Eventually, the practice develops into a habit hence making them drug addicts. Consequently, they remain in this state since they find it hard to abolish drugs. The Toronto University is one of the educational institutions that have tried to prove that divorce imposes a risk to children of abusing drugs. Majority of children whose parents divorce risks becoming cigarette smokers when put into comparison with their counterparts who are brought up in intact families. The university initiated a study that depicted that men whose parents divorced when they were below 18 years had higher chances of smoking a lot of cigarettes. They compared them with those whose parents opted to remain intact. Men from divorced families stood at 48% more likely to smoke 100 cigarettes or more as compared to their fellows who came from families that remained intact. On the contrary, the study depicted the same scenario among women of analogous category whereby they are 39% higher than their opposite female counterparts.
The university attributed these observations to the anxiety and depression that often befall children from divorced families. The depression comes as a result of trauma of their parents leaving them when they were still young. Such scenarios made these children smoke cigarette so that they can relax their nerves and brain. In short, such children opt to smoke cigarettes since smoking acts as a way of efficient regulation of stress and emotions. On the contrary, other children opt to use Ritalin which is a drug that helps to reduce stress. Ritalin was initially a drug designed to treat a mental disorder known as “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” in children. Divorce initiates behavioral change among the affected children hence forcing them to use Ritalin drug. Eventually, their body becomes addicted creating a compulsory situation where their bodies cannot function without Ritalin. Continued and excessive use of Ritalin by these children leads to its abuse. Hence, such children become addicted to Ritalin making them depend on it even at their adulthood stage. To demonstrate this, a survey was conducted concerning the use of Ritalin among children between the years 1994 up to 2000. There was a disproportion in that children whose parents remained intact rated at 3.3% of Ritalin use while the ones whose parents separated were estimated to be 6.6%. The study depicted that children whose parents separated remained subjected to more health problems related to the mental functioning. However, it is not essential that such children will develop a mental problem due to their parent’s divorce. Therefore, Ritalin consumption should be recommended under extreme circumstances according to the doctor’s prescription. Such measures will help to caution parents who have divorced against giving their children Ritalin recklessly. Therefore, cases of overdependence on the Ritalin drug would trim down by a hefty margin.
On the contrary, divorce can be deemed as an upbeat action if one takes it at another angle. Majority tends to hold that divorce has negative impacts only and one can hardly observe any positive effect of it. Divorce has a number of positive effects which include: divorce brings satisfaction to both parties and hence when the two parents separate, children regain their happiness also. In the first place, parents are unhappy with conduct of each other creating unfavorable environment for their children. However, upon separation normalcy reinstates back, and children become happy again. Furthermore, each partner regains his freedom back and hence becoming happy. When a wife and a husband decide to divorce, the tension which had piled up minimizes hence enabling children to be more relaxed than earlier. Children change their behavior when the tension is high in the house. However, they become relaxed as this tension cools.
The second thesis statement depicted that instances of divorce create confusion in the children’s education life. Consequently, these children end up dropping out of school due to their dismal and deteriorating performances. Children whose parents have undergone a divorce perform poorly in their mathematics and social subjects. The trend is attributed to stress that they receive upon their parent’s separation. Moreover, such children suffer from a condition known as mental and situational anxiety and from stumpy self-esteem. Children of divorced parents often demonstrate signs that are disturbing since such parents keep on abusing them without any concrete reason. In addition, the situation worsens when parents get mentally stressed and when the family experiences living arrangements, which are unstable. Furthermore, children face hardships in terms of time allocation between economic hardships that they face and their quarreling parents. Amalgamation of this state of affairs leads into the unfavorable condition for children to prosper in their education. The continued deterioration in performance of children from divorced families kills their education self-esteem. Eventually, they start to engage in illegal activities such as truancy, an act which leads the total negligence of the education life. For instance, a 2010 study depicted that a child who experiences divorce of his parents at highly tender age risks not graduating. They could not be able to complete their high school education since they dropped from the school while they were still young. The situation proved to be additionally fatal when a child got subjected into regular marital changes of his parents. For instance, if a parent divorced and then married again, the parent jeopardized his child’s education. Such a scenario creates a drama which affects the child psychologically making it highly difficult for him to complete his education.
The rise in cases of school drop outs which is fuelled by the increase in parents’ divorce paves way for societal vices. Among these vices is prostitution and increase in crime rate. Children brought up in a divorce environment do not tend to live a normal life. Therefore, the instance gives room for pilling of anger inside them. Eventually, they end up engaging into heinous activities such as robbery with violence, prostitution, and murdering of innocent civilians. They do not carry such activities without any knowledge of their actions, but they act in such ways as a form of expressing their displeasure in their brought ups. On the contrary, parents who bring up their children together have nothing to worry about. These children experience love and warmth from both parents hence creating a good precedent for their future lives. Majority of them end up becoming respected men in the society. In a study that Mishcon did in 2009, people who experienced their parents’ divorce when they were still children had a difficult time adjusting to the society. They were in constant aggression; they kept on lying and had to put up with their upset parents at all times. As a result, majority converted into hardcore criminals upon becoming adults, while others opted to commit suicide. They were not brought up in a tranquil environment and hence reacted angrily to the society.
On the contrary, one can only see divorce as an event that enables children to make critical observations. Divorce enables children to observe each partner or parent acquire happiness and satisfaction or getting a new partner. Children gain an experience when they observe the conduct of each of their parents. They can use the experience gained as a precedent example for future reference when they grow up. Hence, they will be able to handle similar events in their marriages with diligence.
The third thesis statement is for the assertion that divorce cases of parents pave the way of possible future separation of their children when they marry. Parents seem not to lend an ear to the consequences that will await their children when they grow up. Their children may end up divorcing their spouses also as a way of demonstrating their brought up style. When parents decide to divorce, children are left as culprits and hence becoming vulnerable. The single parent brings them up singlehandedly making them vulnerable to many societal vices. They are unable to adapt into the normal life and hence end up becoming morally bent. These children grow up in na?ve ways making it hard for them to cope up with the marital expectations. Eventually, they also end up in a divorce since they did not have a precedent example of how to manage marital institutions. For instance, in a study that Utah University carried out in 2005, there was an observation that divorcees’ children are more susceptible to divorce than the others. The other observation that was made was that children from such families married while still in the teenage group. What was worrying was that they married children of a divorcee. The conclusion to this observation was that divorcee’s children married while still young due to their families’ instabilities.
Divorce can have other negative impacts on children such as the risk of dying as a result of stroke. Children can become susceptible to strokes due to the increased stress that changes their physiology. The phenomenon leads to many early deaths since stroke is highly lethal. However, the stroke’s side effects were mostly observed in the in 1950s. During this era, the divorce act was socially unacceptable, and hence children who became victims to it became hassled. In addition, this stress had the capability of paving the way for other illnesses. Children who lived under the divorce circumstances could end up developing other health complications. Furthermore, parents could no longer agree on critical family issues such as the health insurance coverage. Such laxity measures led to the death of children in an extremely tender age. The cause of this early death is both unnatural and natural changes within the family set up upon divorcing. However, the major cause of this untimely death of divorce victim children is the drastic reduction in the living standards qualities.
Sometimes, marriage acts as bad precedent example to children especially when it is locked with upheavals. Such an observation makes divorce a critical instrument to children involved. Children will grow up disrespecting the marriage institution if their parents keep on quarreling. Therefore, such instances call for the official separation of the two persons since the marriage cannot work for them. Divorce is the perfect action to take in such instances so that the children can enjoy living in a marriage that is healthy. Divorce presents an opportunity to both parents of taking care of their children independently. Therefore, children get an opportunity to assess the competence of each parent in their upbringing. Contrary to this, when the two parents are together in marriage, children cannot be able to assess their individual parent’s capability. However, children expect each parent to participate equally in raising them. In addition, children can rate the competence of each on how he/she can carry out home business.
In conclusion, divorce is not the right choice to go for parents who care for their children’s future. It is more of disadvantageous than it is advantageous if one is to go by this discussion. Currently, the rate at which divorce is taking place is worrying, and the indispensable institutions should develop ways of negating the trend before matter gets out of hand. Marriage breakups have brought more harm than they have benefited people as the affected families are left in destitute. Consequently, the society has experienced the hit due to the rise in crime rate and school drop cases. There should be sound of encouragement and emphasis on the need to respect the marriage institution in places such as worshipping centers. This is how this matter is in need of refinement since the strength of a family unit is crucial for a positive and a prosperous nation.
About the author: Thony Wilson is a master in English philology and histoty at California University. Tony is currently working as one of the best writers at the custom essays empire He also studies feminine psychology.
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