Do you have some problems with your health?

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Let's share how we deal with this...For example I have issues with my skin..
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  1. Nvasalk's Avatar
    I don't have problems with skin but I suffer from anxiety and depression. CBD helps me with these problems. I usually buy cbd capsules 720 mg, they are comfortable in use and I can easily take right dosage. And what do you prefer, what type of CBD?
  2. StephenMarco's Avatar
    I have many problems with my health, but not many of the people I know might know that Marijuana News, Policy, Culture and Law are one of the esteemed places to check out. If I need any fact around weed get checked I go there.
  3. Evelyn6's Avatar
    As a rule, I try to take care of myself and don't neglect a healthy way of life . I believe it's always better to prevent a disease than to cure it. Sometimes I take some supplements that I buy on but just for maintaining good health