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Avoid these five job interview gaffes

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A job interview can be scary and intimidating enough without worrying about all of the worst things that can happen.
Of course, no one wants to be late or wearing mismatched shoes, but then there are those things that we really donít think about that much, but can be detrimental to your interview and possibly cost you the job.
Here are 5 biggies that you can avoidÖ
1. Donít badmouth your old (or current) company
No matter what the reason is you want a new job, donít talk bad about your last one. You never know who may know whom; youíd be surprised at how connected fields are. You also donít want to be that person who comes in with a bad attitude; it actually makes you look unattractive. Keep everything in a positive perspective regardless of how you feel. That positive attitude can get you far. Positive mood can is very important for writing a good resume. If you resume doesnít well , just ask for help from professional executive resume writer.
2. Ignoring your interviewer
Take a bit of time beforehand to research your job interviewer, after all, he or she is probably doing the same about you. Take a quick look on the company site or LinkedIn to find out a bit of background. You may find you have some great connection or something in common that can help you stand out from the other applicants Ė maybe you were in the same sorority or both love Shakespeare.
3. Dressing the wrong way
Sure, we all know itís important to dress nice and look professional, but what does that mean for this particular interview? Again, take the time beforehand to find out what to wear. How do people dress here? Will you be uncomfortable in a three piece suit if everyone else is in jeans and golf shirts? Itís okay to go in a bit overdressed, but try to stay on a similar level as the others. Also, this is the time to go the extra bit with your appearance; get a fresh haircut or ladies have your nails done, it all adds to the professionalism you want to exude. Above all else about your appearance, you want to look put together.
4. Leaving your cell phone on and bringing in extras
Letting your phone ring in an interview, and worse, answering it, can be a big red flag not to hire you. You want all of your attention on the interview, so turn your phone off and leave it out of sight. Donít bring in a Grande Latte from Starbucks, and donít be searching for a pen. Here is what to bring, and only this Ė your resume/application, work samples if necessary, references, something to take notes with and that really is about it. You should prepare a really good resume. If you canít write it by yourself, just ask for help from professional writing service.
5. Forgetting the follow up
The interview isnít really over when you leave the room. Be gracious to those you may meet on your way out, and do not forget to write a thank you follow up note. The note is also a great time to reiterate how great youíd be for the job, with a quick why as well.
Job interviewing is not easy, no matter how many times youíve done it. Be prepared, interested and polite, leave your coffee in the car, and send a thank you.
In other words, take care of the things in your control. Best of luck!
About the Author: Allen Cranston is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics, including careers, small businesses, and information on how to liquidate office furniture.
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