Path of Exile to host massive boss killings, winners will receive generous cash

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Path of Exile plans to release its huge 3.9 version of Atlas Conqueror on December 13, which has brought huge changes to Path of Exile metadata. However, new skills, monsters, realms, and POE Exalted Orb are not all on December 13; anyone with the ability has the opportunity to make a fortune.

If a $ 30,000 bonus is given to someone who can kill the toughest bosses in Atlas Conquerors in Hardcore Solo Self-Found mode, Zizaran will use the Path of Exile community ribbon. The "tough" modifier is important in many games, which means that death will kill the character forever. The solo self-discovery mode means that no transactions or parties are allowed. Whoever will quarrel over this will find themselves grinding content as quickly and securely as possible. A wrong click may mean the end of a 40-hour run.

In addition, all players must participate in the latest league to be withdrawn; deformers, where players create a lot of difficult bosses to get delicious loot. Developer Grinding Gear Games also provided another warning for watching games, including new mechanics and Watchstone. You can place observation stones in the atlas to upgrade your maps, making them more difficult and useful.

In the competition, based on the standard options, two new ladders will be created for the release of 3.9. The order of the number of kills will reward the person who first entered the "Awakener", while the number of kills will, in turn, reward the person who can kill the "Awakener" the most. However, there are many more ways than these two payment methods. These rewards are not just ordinary POE Currency Buy, they even include cash.

The first place will receive $ 8,000, the second place will receive $ 4,000, and the third place will receive $ 2,000. The fourth to fifteenth gets $ 500. Most importantly, you can also get additional speedup rewards. The first player to kill Atziri will earn $ 500, while the first Uber Atziri killer will earn $ 2,000. Both Shaper's first kill and Elder's kill will make the player a net $ 1,000. The first Uber Elder kill will receive a $ 2,000 bounty, while Deepest Delve will receive a $ 4,000 bonus one month from the league.

In addition to monetary compensation, each killer of the awakener will be tracked on a separate leaderboard, providing HCSSF players with a lot of opportunities for micro-transaction items, each package is worth about $ 1100. For every awakened slain player, the player can rise on the leaderboard to have a better chance when the item drops. Finally, if you die after reaching one of these criteria, your hero will still count towards the prize.
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