My first car trip to USA and Norway.

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My first car trip to USA and Norway.
Decided to choose a vacation destination but I don't know much about the country and if someone here been there, maybe you have some suggestions? Sightseeing, resorts, tips, anything. Will really appreciate your help.
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  1. Fiholo's Avatar
    That's so cool that you're touring.. I hope more people can tour today.. but not all of them can afford it.
  2. Fosmus21's Avatar
    You can find out more about rental services here Orlando car rental under 21 . If you're young you will be given a car anyway! This site is made for young drivers who travel and learn more about the world we live !
  3. Damian's Avatar
    You need to have a lot of time to start a car trip ... The United States is a very interesting country for tourism, but you can’t go around all the beautiful and significant places in a couple of weeks.
  4. Brian's Avatar

    but you can’t go around all the beautiful and significant places in a couple of weeks.
    I totally agree with you, Damian. Between Alaska and California, there are a lot of interesting places. I plan my trips in a small piece, as far as my work schedule allows me. I have long appreciated the capabilities of AirBusinessClass and now I always order tickets online. If you are careful, you can find good options for half the price. I also like to use transfers for hard-to-reach spots. So the best photos are obtained and I don't have time to get tired.
  5. Monetey's Avatar
    I advise you to visit the website to see flightaware tracker. This is very entertaining for those who want to travel. I recommend looking at long and interesting flights between countries. Recently Read about a flight from America to Africa with a 25-hour transplant. Would you be interested?
  6. DanielBurton's Avatar
    If rental services in the US are too expensive, try trains, you will buy the ticket, check the pnr status on their website and be good to go. Although, this would increase taxi cost a lot, which can be a lot if you are going to LA or NYC.