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When planning a trip to Canada, check what formalities you need to meet. Submit your visa application via the https://electronic-travel-authorization.info page. Learn more about eTA Canada
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  1. Brian's Avatar
    I'm glad that you have time to travel. For example, I canít get distracted by entertainment now. I'm also actively studying visa options but this is necessary for my future work. I have big plans for moving to the USA. This seems like a better option than Canada. I mean, not just a career, but building your own business.
  2. Damian's Avatar

    The United States actually provides a lot of opportunities but also requires a lot of documents in the design. I would advise you to carefully study the EB1C Visa Guide. This will give you a chance to avoid many pitfalls. However, it will be even better if you use the help of a specialist. This will give a good chance to start a new business here.