When did you smoke weed the first time?

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When did you smoke weed the first time? How it was?
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  1. Nvasalk's Avatar
    A friend of mine decided to save on buying cannabis two years ago. This led to a waste of money, as he ordered not from the official website and he brought some dried grass. Here you will find the latest updates and official brand websites.
  2. Damian's Avatar
    I tried weeds at graduation in high school. I remember that it was funny but my experience was limited to once. I can’t say that I consciously avoid it ... I just don’t need it. To me, the more interesting other side of marijuana - medication. I was considering using hemp oil as an anesthetic, but none of my friends had tried it yet. I prefer to wait until I have real facts.
  3. Brian's Avatar
    You can wait so very long. Cannabis-based medicines are still rare. Perhaps it will be easier for you if you find out a few medical facts about these medicines on this webpage. I often learn something new from this blog) Modern herbal painkillers are more effective in therapeutic effects and have no side effects. Doctors often prescribe them to treat migraines or for mild depression ..
  4. cloudcbd's Avatar
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  5. uspsparce's Avatar
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