Foxes and cyborg gnomes in WOW are coming

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The new patch: Visions of N’Zoth will launch at Jan 14th buy.
A new alliance race and a couple world bosses are saved to the way with all the terrifying Visions.

World of Warcraft: The Battle of Azeroth will release the existing god N'Zoth next new version. According to community news, players have expressed increased attention to this old god. What is more, new chapters and storylines will provide great shock plus much more WOW Classic Gold to players, especially about the difficulty of the action, will rise to your higher level.

Suddenly difficult game levels certainly are a special surprise for players plus a frightening one. The big ol 'tentacle have not fully realized his due value, the heroes of Azeroth should go to the battlefield again and take part in a fierce struggle. Fight against Ny'alotha who awakened in deep sleep. And is anticipated to choose a fresh character-fox.

Vulcan in the action looks a little just like a fox, or it really is more appropriate to think of it as "furry fox". In the new edition, you could find this character inside the tribe. In the formation, you will discover cyborg gnomes. Alliance races have prerequisites, if you decide to have n’t played for an extended time and just desire to play a cyborg gnomes or Vulcan, you'll want to complete a group of missions in the alliance or tribe for getting new varieties with this game. And gain lofty prestige on the list of corresponding factions. You will likely be able to unlock vulpera or robotic mechagnomes.

At duration, from the Eternal Flower Valley, you'll want to fight the corruption of Enzos and experience new horror illusions, the place you will see much more of Enzos' evil plans with the world, so players should exhaust themselves Power to protect the planet from N'Zoth. After completing these chapters, players riches rewards, including WOW Classic Gold, epic gear, and even more.

"Visions of N'Zoth" will probably be officially released within the United States on January 14 and are going to be released in Europe on January 15, and you have to wait for while. The sleeping city will arise heroically on January 22, and will likely be officially launched to players 1 week later, at which time you may also start using raid finder.
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