The wow classic and players of this year have finally grown up

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"World of Warcraft" was finally released again in August on this year. A large number of players flooded in to the server and started playing an original vanilla World of Warcraft. Thousands of players arranged to enter the server, which made this modern game a whole lot. It is like a kid.

Those here we are at the classic World of Warcraft discovered that, the same as lining up, this is the near-real World of Warcraft publishing experience. This is obviously an entertainment, not just a real thing. The retro operation screen and classic engine drive determined by modern games are refreshing, instead of the main version in 2004, the familiar graphics and nintendo ds lite, and also the Classic WOW Gold system are given to players without reservation. It looks and plays such as earliest relieve the game, and following the official re-production by Blizzard, I believe it's going to give players a much better gaming experience.

When the very first original version of the overall game was released in 2004, players would not plunder their people because they necessary to spend lots of time moving using their current location to another location, restricted to game imperfections. Design, players usually spend time and effort moving around the sport. Even with a huge number of players, essentially the most lagging areas in classic games will still be more or less playable. There may be a delay prior to item is used your bag, or perhaps the NPC that posted the duty slowly releases your task, but the overall game is still playable, and Vanilla WOW Gold will also gain a lot. Although there a variety of delays in earlier versions of the experience.

Although the version at that time was very crowded, furthermore, it caused occasional disconnections. But after 15 iterations of the overall game, the experience has evolved very stable, the playability is quite high, as well as the fluency and stability have already been greatly improved.
The current World of Warcraft Classic is gradually progressing good plan, and players accompanying the classic World of Warcraft are gradually becoming an adult as adults in main version updates.

For fans, they're very happy to notice that Vanilla Warcraft is now perfect, but is Blizzard's intention to push out a this game in 2019 worth every penny? Once the initial nostalgia fades, will players still play the overall game? When nostalgia and Reality collided, will there nevertheless be players when they were young feelings to keep buy with this? let's wait and discover.
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