World of Warcraft plots are getting weird

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The Warlords of Draenor can be called the most unsuccessful extension published by World of Warcraft, and players have never stopped discussing it because they think it could have been better. Many new features make players complain: The first is the garrison system. Blizzard is trying to provide players with dynamic base building tasks and give players a game experience similar to Warcraft 3. It's a pity it's not satisfying, it's boring to be exact. In addition, the lack of levels of raid content makes it difficult for players to achieve a higher sense of achievement. What's worse, because players need to be stationed in the base to wait for the construction of the buildings, they don't have enough time to participate in world missions or meet new friends, which makes players lack the necessary social life. In fact, the premise of the entire expansion lacked sufficient depth, and the designer told an unreasonable story in order to make the expansion look reasonable. ZZWOW is really one of suitable WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient WOW Classic Gold transaction!

The Warlords of Draenor's story takes place in court, Garrosh Hellscream is charged for war crimes, and tribal and alliance heroes come together to await a trial of justice, giving him the punishment he deserves.

This is unusual for players. If Garrosh Hellscream's behavior is unacceptable in the Azeroth continent, then players should also pay for their behavior. As a resident of the Azeroth continent, the player's role often beats NPCs to get the next command of the mission, and some players are keen to kill civilians of hostile factions in battle, although this is regarded as disgraceful killing, But there are always people who think this is interesting. If you choose the death knight race, then you can perform more taboo behaviors. The racial talent allows those who play the death knight to torture human souls. They can also kill the red dragons of the alliance and transform them with necromancy spells. To get special mounts.

Dramatic things happened. A dragon prince took him back to another dimension using a space-time portal. It was a tribal clan long ago. Garrosh Hellscream did not Buy WOW Classic Gold get punished in the end. Instead, here he was once again given the opportunity to wage a war, and he would lead the clan's army to invade the Azeroth continent again.

This is probably the turning point for where World of Warcraft got really absurd. Legion reins the premise back in, bringing players back to Azeroth and then sending them on a quest for the Pillars of Creation throughout the Broken Isles. Itís good, clean fun... and then the planet of Argus, the Draenei homeworld, becomes our next tactical target. We team up with the Army of Light, led by two Alliance war heroes who have been locked in space combat for one thousand years, and get on a spaceship to head to Argus with the goal of fighting the planetís soul.
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