World of Warcraft: 8.3 Horror Illusions

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The horror illusion is usually a hybrid on the wither training, the death of Cromy; and many new mechanisms have already been added throughout the subject of "corruption".
The horror illusion may be the only way to upgrade the orange cloak; the orange cloak may be the only growth route to resist the corrupted value around the equipment; therefore, the horror illusion incorporates a very important impact around the players inside great mystery along with the guild.
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It can also be worth mentioning the special effect from the orange cloak: "Reduces loosing sanity by xx%" is not valid to the team copy.
That would be to say, following the boss from the 8.3 team copy of Niorosa: our bodies of Enzos, both the bosses of Enzos, the sanity mechanism will exist being an important battle mechanism; it does not follow the orange cloak level The improvement is thus easy to get at.

10,000 [Condensed Illusions] for 1 [Horror Illusion Container]. [Terror illusion container] is habitually called "ticket" by players.
Small illusion
The full name in the small illusion is "Illusion of Enzos". Its entrance is refreshed within the invaded map once a week. The hint about the map is comparable to the world mission, except which the icon is undoubtedly an obelisk. The small illusion is not a scene battle, but another plane from the map; so you don't have to form a team, and you could see other players from it.
There are small illusions every single day, however the returns are diminishing: the initial small illusion every week rewards 2000 [condensed illusions], as well as the subsequent small illusions reward 1000 [condensed illusions]. It takes about 5 minutes to perform a small illusion.

Big illusion
The illusion is termed "horror illusion", as well as its entrance is inside the secret room with the heart. The big illusion is often a scene battle that accepts 1-5 players to make a team or solo.
There are two big illusions, namely Stormwind City and Orgrimmar, which rotate every week; soon is Orgrimmar, followed by week is perhaps all Stormwind City.
A ticket needs to enter the Great Illusion. Produce all 8.3 core items and offer more difficult challenges later.

time plan
1 big raid a week = 1 ticket; 2 small raids every week = 11,000 [condensed illusions]; 7 small phantoms a week = 8000 [condensed illusions].
Add slightly world quests (50 [Condensed Illusions], 6 quests on a daily basis) and funds to drop WOW Classic Gold, you may get up to 3 tickets every week; if you'd like your character's orange cloak progress Behind, then this character will need to have 3 tickets in support of need to invest two hours of game time every week.

Summary: Get approximately three tickets for Horror Illusions per week.
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