Visions of NíZoth will likely be officially launched soon

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In World of Warcraft, the battle of Azeroth is getting ready to end, however the last raid have not ended, and then wait until the awakening city-Nyíalotha is totally completed.

Most from the upcoming Visions of NíZoth are hoped for by players during BlizzCon 2019, along with the expansion shows Syvlanas' final form resistant to the Lich King in more detail. After fighting the 2 ultimate characters in World of Warcraft, Syvlanas succeeded in victory and defeating the Lich King opened the threshold to another world.

Due for the peculiarity in the Lich King's crown, Syvlanas shredded the crown it could not own into countless fragments, and summoned the spot of death: The Shadowlands. So World of Warcraft: Visions of NíZoth officially opened.

At one time, throughout the Eastern Kingdom of Kalimdor, the tribe as well as the alliance finally gathered, as well as the old god NíZoth and the trusted servants with tentacles were on the verge of cause comprehensive destruction and destruction. Players ought to guard Azeroth. In order to prevent the enemy from aggressively invading, players have to use the initiative to fight.

The next patch should have a new 12 boss team, these 12 bosses are arranged as a way according to different difficulty. Including the Corrupter NíZoth, and 2 new Alliance races: the Horde's Vulcan along with the Alliance's Mechanical Goblin. It will also include a fresh PvP competition mode and myth + season, some challenges inspired through the mage tower, a legendary cloak, many WOW Classic Gold, plus much more.

When will the revolutionary patch system be released
The initial version of N 'Zoth 8.2 is predicted to be released in North America next Tuesday (January 14). Operation The Waking City raid begins on January 21st not much later.

As to the release time in the patch, it is predicted to be released around 9 am on Tuesday.

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