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Typically Barry Larkin Jersey , the ceramic sensors use thick film technology to create stable, low cost and robust media-compatible pressure sensor. The ceramic sensors are considered to be an excellent alternative to expensive stainless steel pressure sensors.

The robust ceramic pressure sensors can be used in all types of harsh media and high pressure. These types of pressure sensors can be easily packaged to meet your requirements and configurations. Ceramic sensors uses an o-ring and are available in standard models that have 90 percent of ceramic composition, which makes it suitable for use in different types of harsh media.

Designed with unique features the ceramic sensors are ideal for many applications. Some of the best features of ceramic sensors are:

rate high temperature
ly robust and reliable
-life and washable
bility to work with liquids and harsh media

The best thing about ceramic sensors- these types of sensors are available in various models. This allows you to get the desired type of customized ceramic sensors with modified pressure ranges, accuracy and output Joe Morgan Jersey , which make them suitable for a specific application.

Different models of ceramic sensors:

Being available in a wide range of models has made the ceramic sensors more popular. The ceramic sensors include many models like signal or un-amplified mV signals having analog or digital outputs. This allows customers to use the ceramic sensors with the mV output and do signal calibration and conditioning.

1. Capacitive Pressure Sensor:

This type of ceramic sensor model is used to conveniently withstand the high overpressures. The capacitive ceramic sensor models are highly capable of measuring the low pressure down to around 60 mbar.

2. Flush Mount Pressure Sensor:

This type of ceramic sensor model has a fixed reference and come in lower -0.5 bar and higher pressure- 600 bar. The flush mount ceramic sensor models have no dead volume of pressure media, which makes it ideal for different applications.

What are the applications in which ceramic sensors can be used?
The ceramic sensors can be used for gasoline measurement, wafer processing, hydraulicbrake fluid Johnny Bench Jersey , high pressure pneumatic control, medical applications, level measurement and more.

The benefits of ceramic pressure sensors:

The pressure measuring cells of ceramic sensors are insensitive to temperature effects, which allow them to deliver high performance under extreme process conditions. The ceramic material has the capability to withstand temperatures up to 2000 degree C Throwback Cincinnati Reds Jerseys , which makes them fully resistant to temperature shock. The ceramic sensors can efficiently operate up to 150 degree C without affecting the long-term stability or performance of the cell.

The well designed and manufactured ceramic sensors do not easily fatigue or bend out of shape as metals do under vacuum conditions. The ceramic sensors are ideal and considered to be quite suitable to abrasive process or conditions, because of their durable material construction. To gain a better control in your application, you can easily customize the ceramic sensor in terms of valves and pumps, which will deliver the best results.


The ceramic pressure sensors are considered to be high quality and high performing sensors that can be used in harsh environments and higher pressure conditions. This makes the ceramic sensors as one of the best pressure sensors. If you are looking to buy customized and well designed ceramic sensors for your specific application Custom Cincinnati Reds Jerseys , then it will be wise to contact reputable and world renowned pressure sensor manufacturer to be the best product at a low price.


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