Recommendations on how to find a reliable android application developer

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Nowadays, Internet directories are full of mobile application development companies. An unthinkable number of free artists post ads about their services on freelancing exchanges and social networks. There is no shortage of developers, but how to find a reliable artist among this set? How to understand if the developer of your choice will be able to create exactly what you want, using the most modern technologies? Here are some suggestions:
1. Clearly state the task and product requirements.
2. Use budget tools to test hypotheses.
3. Thoroughly evaluate the developers.
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  1. karlin's Avatar
    Very interesting information. True, when our company needed to develop a new android application, then on the advice of our colleagues, we looked at the article top android application developers There we found a detailed description of the developers of applications for Android in 2020 and were able to contact the most suitable for us.
  2. klaris99's Avatar
    I also think that before contacting the developer you need to familiarize yourself with several applicants.