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    Hey Andrew, I just made a post in the thread about glute/hip pain and decided to take the extra step to messaging you because you seem to have had good experience with recovering from the tendinitis.

    I started stretching my hip flexors and doing glute bridges with a band around my knees, and monster walks with a band around my ankles and also tried it with a band around the front of my feet (got that from Bret contreras).

    Anyways, I was wondering what else I should or could be doing to help alleviate the pain and develop the glutes more while I'm unable to train squats or deadlifts. Should I stick to the initial stretching and activation exercises for a while? And add in weighted hip thrusters later? What do you think about sled pulls?

    Mostly, I'm concerned with losing a lot of strength and size in my lower body as I try to rehab my hip.

    Thanks in advance,

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CO Fall Training: W14D2 + W14D3

by Andrew Hollenbeck on 12-10-2014 at 11:50 AM
Notes: Been exhausted, fatigued, lacking all motivation for the gym. Did some stretching instead of walking yesterday morning, still had a good upper body/shoulder strengthening workout last night. Same fatigue this morning, only did a couple sprints, walked, and then some lower body circuit stuff. Hoping to kick this fatigue soon so the workouts don't suffer.


stretching, yoga, foam roll

12' arm bike (kneeling SB)
2 rounds

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CO Fall Training: W14D1

by Andrew Hollenbeck on 12-08-2014 at 12:04 PM
Notes: 50,000ft vertical this weekend, legs are toast. The sprints actually went well today, just didn't have time for a second round so I opted for a circuit instead to finish. Wanted to make sure to get the leg work in, leg curls and the abd/add machines are on my list of things I want to hit 2x/week for a bit now to build that up. Squats weren't too off for how beat up the legs are, going to feel it later today though.

Block 1:
2' TM run @ 8mph/1%
6 TM sprints - 30"

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CO Fall Training: W13D4 + W13D5

by Andrew Hollenbeck on 12-05-2014 at 11:58 AM
Notes: Cardio finally starting to feel better today. Yesterday was exhausted so I didn't go long on the treadmill walk, ended with a good rotator cuff and shoulder stabilization workout last night though. Today just did core work mostly, the lunges felt strong. Plyos were good. Legs are tired though, hopefully I got some energy left in them for this weekend.


3.1mi TM walk (3.4-4.0mph, 0-15% incline, ~1150ft elevation gain)


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CO Fall Training: W13D3

by Andrew Hollenbeck on 12-03-2014 at 11:58 AM
Notes: Treadmill was a little better today but still not up to where I'd like it. Did a hill sprint session and flat sprint session. Lots of single leg work today and hit some balance things. The squats on the stability ball with the band around the knees was a great addition. The incline opens back up Friday so that should help with the cardio getting up there once a week or so. I miss the run down Barr trail.

Block 1:
15' TM sprints - 30" on/30" off @ 8-9mph, 0-10%

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CO Fall Training: W13D2

by Andrew Hollenbeck on 12-02-2014 at 09:25 PM
Notes: Cardio is still down, walk was hard this morning. The afternoon workout was good though, tried out some rest-pause style stuff after watching Josh Bryant's video. Seemed to work well. Another good rotator cuff workout, some benching, etc.

Block 1:
12' arm bike (kneeling bosu)

Block 2:
2 rounds - TRX inverted rows, SB push-up plus
2 rounds - CC ER 30x5x5 sets each (10-20 sec rest) ; KB lightbulbs 15x5x5 sets each
sidelying external

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