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  1. Victory Lap: lots of teammates competed, PR's, Wilks gainz, and improvements!
  2. How much do knee sleeves give in the squat?
  3. Snatch Grip Deadlift (why and should you use straps)?
  4. Video: Klaemint's Deadlift, Bench
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    Video: Greg's Squat
  6. Switching to gear -- will it impact raw? Should I add it as accessory?
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    Attempt Selection Feedback
  8. When does "peaking" start (when to listen to TRAC)
  9. What do you feel like prior to competitions?
  10. Optimal rest period before contests (taper)
  11. What are examples of good Vertical Pull exercises?
  12. What are your views on Velocity Based Training?
  13. How much should you arch? How wide should you grip? (bench)
  14. How to combine GPP and Main sessions to save time?
  15. Should GPP be once or twice per week
  16. Long time until my next meet. How to modify my training?
  17. What's the best substitute for DB work
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    Bench is stalled. How to modify?
  19. Quad Strain Injury: How to modify my training?
  20. Struggling to deadlift twice per week
  21. How long should my volume work last (7 sets of 5 at 72%)
  22. How to schedule around short workouts (do all sets or not)?
  23. Step ups: barbell or dumbbell? How high?
  24. Victory Lap: David Babb went 7/9 and hit a 400 wilks!
  25. I get out of breath with high rep squatting
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