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    Path of Exile: Ascendant Slayer Leech

    Is Ascendant slayer "Life Leech effects are not removed at Full Life" intended to last less than the normal slayer ? or is it bugged? You probably don't have a large damage per hit x leech percentage...
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    PoE Bestiary Summary

    Then we have Bestiary. Bestiary is, basically, Pokémon league. You go out and find rare beasts, get them to low health, then throw a net to capture them. Once you’ve captured the beasts you can...
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    PoE Horizon Orbs: Yay or Nay?

    The addition of Harbinger wasn't very well received, though that mostly has to do with the overabundance of the various scraps and pennies that you would just collect after an awfully slow spawning...
  4. Path of Exile: Is The Shaper Stronger Than The Beast?

    Are you like the Shaper? How powerful he is lore? He seens to have time manipulation abilities, can control and modify (create?) life, control of matter and elements, master of magic an forbidden...
  5. Is This Better Than Bloodlines For Map Returns In PoE?

    One thing i like to do is beyond every time i get a beyond or sea witches map with decent quantity. Double beyond is really fun for xp/mobs but won't increase your map drops. also if you are using an...
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